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“I’ve spent a summer holiday made of infinitive sensations; I woke up on a labyrinth of steep, narrow streets joined one another, I felt welcome and protected by the chirping of birds and by the quiet noise of the back wash …. “. Here the time is set by the movement of the sun: from the early morning lights to the gentle reflections of the day and to the red sunsets over the sea. The mild climate and the agreeable landscape make Maratea a very attractive destination even during the intermediate seasons.Autumn and spring are the most suitable periods to live intense emotions along the paths that climb up the bare but, sometimes, woody mountain and then to go downhill again and continue the excursion of the jagged coast.


A stay in Maratea can become a chance to visit charming places that often have unknown likely resources.If you go inland, you’ll see a mostly mountainous territory whose slopes are dotted with typical “crib-villages”, each one with its own history, ruined churches, colorful religious feasts, slow rhythms, flavors and smells, breeding an atmosphere in some way out of the time. It is possible to get the Sirino- Mount Papa skiing area in less than an hour. Going on towards the boundary with Calabria you can visit the Pollino National Park, 192.565 hectares of uncontaminated nature which has some of the most interesting ecological features in Europe. Furthermore, getting to Latronico it is possible, from spring to late in autumn, to enjoy the thermal waters where there is an excellent health spa center.


During the whole year it is possible to practice several sporting activities in close contact with the nature such as riding, hiking, climbing, rafting and hang-gliding and, of course, it is almost an obligation to explore the spectacular soundings.